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IntelliGym is a very good training module for improving game intelligence. The Fußball-Eltern community is very happy to work with IntelliGym.

Dr. Fabian Preuß, Founder, Fußball-Eltern Community, Germany

What Pros and Coaches Say…


This is our second research year with the IntelliGym. So far the results are promising and the players are really enjoying it. The senior staff in the academy, like several great ex-players, are also strong supporters of the IntelliGym which is important to us.” “We know a lot about physical training, technical training and tactical training. However, we do not know a lot about this (cognitive training). Finding a way to sharpen the mind, could be coaching’s next frontier.

After 3 months with the IntelliGym the team simply looks better in tactical flexibility. This is much better than in previous years where at this time of the season it was starting from zero. This progress can definitely be attributed to the IntelliGym. One can see how the IntelliGym is correlated with football. In the past, I had to explain game intelligence in video meetings, now – they just play it! What’s more, you don’t have to force them do it. They just do. I’m about to turn 60 this year, and I have not seen something like the IntelliGym. I think it is a great mental tool, which gives our players an edge over the other teams.


We’re always looking for an edge. IntelliGym embodies that. We’ve seen great results from the program and it aligns perfectly with our philosophy on football. As a result of training with IntelliGym players at our club are better at identifying opportunities before they happen and exploiting them at the right moment.


The players practiced with the IntelliGym in the club. They were focused and seemed enjoying the training. Some of the coaches had started seeing improvement on the pitch already after 6-8 training sessions


Our experience with IntelliGym has been overwhelmingly positive. We have seen great results and are now implementing the program across more teams at PSV.


In the post test, the IntelliGym-trained players performed much better than the control group. Later, I’ve noticed that they make much better decision in 4×4 games, where decision making is dominant.

As a goalkeeper the play begins with you. IntelliGym helped me see and exploit opportunities before they happened. I saw the game developing in new and different ways after training with IntelliGym, this tool definitely helped my game

What Elite Youth Players Say…

Hamburg SV Soccer IntelliGym

I’ve completed 14 training sessions and it already improved my off ball movement, and helped me generating key passes. I told my friends who are not on the team about how competitive and fun the IntelliGym is, and recommended them to join it too.

PSV Eindhoven Soccer IntelliGym

The IntelliGym is fun, and I would do it even if it was not part of our academy training. As a goalkeeper it is very important to communicate with my team and direct my teammates. The coach mode in the IntelliGym helps me a lot in doing it on the pitch. I feel that my footwork and reflexes strongly improved. Also, as a goalkeeper, playing other positions in the IntelliGym helps me get into the heads of strikers who play against me.

The IntelliGym resembles the real world. It requires you to hit small areas, which I feel improved my precision on the football pitch. It also enables you to dribble and guide your teammates on the same time, which improved my communication with my teammates on the football pitch. It is hard work, but most of the time it is also fun.

Hamburg SV Soccer IntelliGym

I’ve gone through 19 training sessions so far and it has been fun and challenging. I feel that the workout helped me see more passing options and better track players on the field, though I feel it helps field players even more

My overall view of thefootballfootball pitch improved and I also feel my decision making improved. Things like when to dribble and when to pass, and to whom. I also like the stage with the disappearing players as they caused me to look all around me before I receive a pass on the football pitch.

PSV Eindhoven Soccer IntelliGym

The IntelliGym is fun most of the time, although it is hard work. You can see how it is related to the real challenges in football. I feel that the stage with the limited view helped me look around me on the field. It helps to anticipate the movement of players and the ball in real football. My positioning and off ball movement improved.

PSV Eindhoven Soccer IntelliGym

I enjoy the IntelliGym and mainly like the obscured vision parts. Following the bars and positioning instructions helps committing to your position on the field and avoid other tendencies. It improved my transition game and level of passes.

Hamburg SV Soccer IntelliGym

I’ve used the IntelliGym this year and have improved my decisions speed. I see the next move before receiving the ball, and I’ve improved my off-ball movement. It also improved my communication with my teammates on the field. The IntelliGym helped me play two different positions in football

PSV Eindhoven Soccer IntelliGym

In the IntelliGym trainer you can ask for the ball, but you must position yourself right. I feel that this improved my positioning in football. I like working out with the IntelliGym and also feel it improved my defensive performance. The limited vision stage improved my awareness of other players on the football pitch.

I feel that my game intelligence improved. That means I see the entire field better and my communication with my teammates is better. The IntelliGym is hard work, but I like it. The view of the field in the IntelliGym helps understanding the real field in football.

I liked the IntelliGym challenge with the single touch passes. I could feel how it improved my speed of decision making with the ball. We would like to continue training with the IntelliGym next year and can definitely find the time for it.

What Customers Say…

My son Henry started using Football IntelliGym at the earliest age that is recommended; around 10 years old. He has been using it for a year, and in that time we have both noticed improvement on several fronts. He is more self-confident and comfortable making decisions during games. The completion rate of his one-touch passing has increased. His movement after passes more reliably gives his teammates attacking or possession options. He also more frequently is able to intercept passes by opposing players. Without a doubt, regularly playing the challenging but fun scenarios presented in Football IntelliGym has contributed to this development over the past year. He is very much looking forward to it continuing to be a facet of his training in the game he loves.

Kurt Heldwein, MA, United States