• Football game-intelligence improvement software – compatible with Windows and Mac

  • Enhances off-ball movement and improves positioning

  • Enhances awareness and improves on-field decision making

  • First results on-the-field within 5 weeks

  • Training program adopts to each player’s level and progress

  • Detailed feedback and stats after each level

  • The Football IntelliGym® is available in English, German and Dutch

  • Coaches and parents have access to detailed progress reports

Monitor Activity and Performance Anywhere Anytime

Use our multilingual monitoring tools to keep track of training performance and improvement

Soccer IntelliGym Soccer Intelligence Training Program Develop Soccer IQ

Track your game intelligence improvement
Watch how much progress you have made since your first training until today

Track your improvement on-field
Collect your football stats and compare your current performance to the figures after the IntelliGym training

Keep track of your training routine
Consistency with your IntelliGym workout will help your training be more effective and provide better results

Compare yourself to your teammates
Follow your performance and compare to your peers in the online leaderboard

Monitor all your players at a glance
Access to your players progress data on your mobile phone

Watch your players overall improvement
Follow the players improvement after each workout and see their game intelligence progress

Track your team participation
Make sure all players train as recommended to ensure optimal results

Set your own training emphases
Optionally intervene in the training program based on your close knowledge of the player