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Football Intelligence Skills

Train just 2-3 times per week to improve anticipation, awareness, divided attention, working memory and the other skills behind football intelligence.

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Josh Goodwin, Central Midfielder, U16 Club Champions League

Within the first two weeks of using it, it was an “oh my gosh” moment. The training helped “unlock” what my son has seen on TV and heard from coaches. Since he began training, he has better movement off the ball, a reduction in giveaways, and an improved offensive attack.”   –Dave Goodwin, Josh’s dad

Make Better Decisions
Under Pressure

Challenging training sessions help the brain process information quicker and more efficiently on the field, resulting in faster, more intuitive decision-making.

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Walter Knaller, Head Coach, SK Rapid Vienna U15 Boys

After 3 months with the IntelliGym, the team simply looks better in tactical flexibility. This progress can definitely be attributed to the IntelliGym. In the past, I had to explain game intelligence in video meetings, now – they just play it! I think it is a great mental tool, which gives our players an edge over the other teams.”
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Improve Performance
On & Off The Ball

Useful screen time that helps athletes see the field and read the game better, improving passing, positioning, and play-making abilities.

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Jurrit Sanders, Sport Scientist, PSV Eindhoven

This is our second year with the IntelliGym. The senior staff in the academy, including several great ex-players, are also strong supporters of the IntelliGym which is important to us. We know a lot about physical training, technical training, and tactical training. However, we do not know a lot about this (cognitive training). Finding a way to sharpen the mind, could be coaching’s next frontier.”

Show More Confidence & Creativity

Improved performance means more playing time and more opportunities to shine, giving athletes the confidence to try new things on the field.

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