IntelliGym @ United Soccer Coaches Convention

Are you a soccer coach attending the United Soccer Coaches Convention?

You are invited to hear about Training Soccer-IQ – The Challenges and the German and Dutch Case Studies


In recent years, a growing number of soccer professionals realize that Game-Intelligence is a crucial skill that, in the end of the day, separates the good from the best. However, this critical ability (also known as ‘field vision’, ‘reading plays’, or simply ‘decision making’) is considered by many to be very hard to train effectively.

Recent studies conducted at the Cologne Sport University in Germany and VU University Amsterdam in the Netherlands show that Game-Intelligence can be trained effectively.

This presentation will describe the building blocks of the illusive “Soccer-IQ”, the training system that was developed by cognitive researchers to address the related set of skills and the remarkable results in various game levels and age groups.

The program, which won the International Brain Fitness Innovation Award, was shown to improve players’ on-field performance and reduce injuries. To-date, more than 35,000 athletes (from 10 years old to pros) are using this training technology.

Danny Dankner (L.Lb, MBA) is the co-founder of Applied Cognitive Engineering (ACE). He is a serial entrepreneur, sport enthusiast and an ex-Air Force and Intelligence officer. Danny has taken a lead role in implementing cognitive training technologies with national teams, professional clubs and youth academies.