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Does training create benefits beyond sports, such as academics or driving?2019-05-03T02:24:57+00:00

The Soccer IntelliGym was designed and tested for the development of cognitive skills related to soccer and soccer intelligence. That said, many of the skills trained by the IntelliGym are also important in other aspects of life, such as studying or driving. We have received reports of improved academic performance, better focus and alertness in school, and other related benefits. However, these results have not been scientifically tested and validated, therefore we do not make any corresponding claims or recommendations.

See the primary benefits of IntelliGym training here.

How does the IntelliGym work?2019-05-05T23:40:11+00:00

The IntelliGym trains the underlying skills that contribute to soccer intelligence, which includes anticipation, divided & peripheral attention, working memory, task switching, situational & spatial awareness, pattern recognition, among others.

These skills are improved through emphasis change training, which means that different levels emphasize a different blend of cognitive skills. Every training level trains a combination of all the skills, but the emphasis changes from level to level along with the secondary objective of the level, while the overall objective remains the same. Another key is repetition, which is important because it reinforces the neural connections that are formed during training and continues to strengthen the connections over time.

Most importantly, however, is that improving these skills translates to improvements on the field, because of what is called cognitive fidelity. This means that the cognitive skills that are trained within the IntelliGym program match the cognitive skills that are required on the field. The mental demands within the training program are the same mental demands that athletes are subjected to when playing soccer.

The athlete subconsciously improves their cognitive processing skills to the point where the desired behaviours become second-nature on the field, resulting in improved performance due to the ability to think faster under pressure.

How is the IntelliGym different from a video game?2019-05-03T03:06:08+00:00

The IntelliGym is not a video game, but is a tool designed to improve soccer intelligence and improve performance on the field. Video games are designed for fun and enjoyment, and as such, they do not challenge the brain the same way that IntelliGym does. Using the IntelliGym can still be a fun experience, but it is first and foremost designed for performance, which if used correctly, is guaranteed to work.

The IntelliGym is based on over 30 years of cognitive science supporting its results. There are no fantasy stories or complex graphics. The IntelliGym simulates the cognitive demands that are placed on the brain on the field during a game. The program challenges these cognitive processes into the athlete’s subconscious until they become more instinctive. The program also uses AI to adapt and tailor the training levels to each player’s individual strengths, weaknesses, and learning curves.

See this study conducted by NASA on a comparison between video games and the underlying technology that the IntelliGym was based on.

Is IntelliGym training for individual athletes or for teams?2020-05-24T06:55:55+00:00

The IntelliGym is designed to help both individual athletes and entire teams improve performance.

An individual athlete using cognitive training as part of their routine will improve their personal performance, which is important for their individual development as an athlete. They will also enjoy a unique competitive advantage among their competitors and stand out on the field, which is important when vying for limited spots on a higher-level team.

When an entire team is using cognitive training, each athlete will benefit and therefore the entire team will benefit as a result. Improved team-wide anticipation, divided attention, situational awareness, and decision-making will improve coordination between team members. This means more completed passes, more shots, more goals, fewer giveaways, fewer shots against, and ultimately, more wins.

We offer pricing for individual athletes, multi-athlete families, and teams, which can be seen here.

What skill level is the IntelliGym best suited for?2019-05-05T23:42:08+00:00

The IntelliGym was designed to benefit athletes of all skill levels. As long as the athlete has a solid foundation of technical skills, is highly motivated to improve their performance, and is willing to work hard to make it happen, results will follow. Having clear short-term and long-term goals of improving performance or playing high-level sports are helpful in ensuring the athlete is committed enough to train long enough to see results.

How long does it take to see results?2019-05-05T09:11:11+00:00

Results are generally noticeable within the first 10 training sessions, or about 5 weeks. Significant benefits will be noticeable within 20-30 training sessions, with performance improvements continuing beyond this. Just like training on the field or at the gym, results will continue to improve over time with continued training. The more an athlete trains, the more their performance can improve. Similarly, prolonged periods of inactivity can lead to diminished performance over time.

How long is each training session?2020-07-08T11:04:34+00:00

The IntelliGym consists of an infinite number of 30-minute training sessions that are each made up of 8 individual levels lasting for approximately 4 minutes each. That’s it – training for just 30-minutes 2-3 times per week is all that is needed to see improvement in the brain. Training for longer per session or more times per week will not necessarily lead to faster or better results.

How long is the entire training program?2020-07-08T11:06:11+00:00

The IntelliGym consists of an infinite number of 30-minute training sessions. The training program is intended to become part of an athlete’s ongoing routine. Just like training on the field or at the gym, results will continue to improve over time with continued training. The more an athlete trains, the more their performance can improve over time. Similarly, prolonged periods of inactivity can lead to diminished performance over time.

How often should an athlete train with the IntelliGym?2019-05-03T02:36:17+00:00

The recommended training routine is 2-3 sessions per week. Athletes should complete at least 2 training sessions per week in order to see results and maintain improvements. At least 24-hours of rest is recommended between training sessions to allow the brain to rest and recover as important consolidation processes happen in the brain overnight. Additionally, just like training at the gym can cause physical fatigue, an athlete can experience mental fatigue, so overtraining is not recommended. Similarly, undertraining will not produce the desired results.

Is the training difficult?2019-05-05T09:02:18+00:00

The training program can be challenging, especially for younger athletes. The visuals are designed to demand a lot of attention resources while the controls are meant to be difficult to challenge an athlete’s motor movements. This difficulty is required in order to put a high cognitive load on the athlete’s brain. This way, the athlete’s brain learns to cope with multiple cognitive tasks (reading the field, anticipating the play, decision making, etc.) simultaneously, subconsciously, and with limited attention available, just as is the case on the field. This has been found to be the most effective way of training to ensure transfer of skills from computer to field.

If the training is becoming too difficult and starts advancing sooner than the athlete is ready, we recommend repeating previous levels as much as needed.

Should training be done during the season or in the off-season?2019-05-03T02:41:50+00:00

It is beneficial to train both in-season and during the off-season. During the season, an athlete or team should work on their cognitive skills just like they work on their on-field skills. In-season training also means in-season results, allowing them to put the improved cognitive skills to use on the field immediately, creating a reinforced pattern of improvement.

The off-season is time to prepare for next season, and cognitive training is no different. Training during the off-season will keep the mind sharp all summer long to ensure the season starts in top mental condition.

It is also interesting to note that training while injured can allow an athlete to remain in top mental shape before returning to the field.

What is the recommended age for using IntelliGym?2020-05-24T07:20:51+00:00

The general age range to enjoy significant benefits from cognitive training is between 10 and 25 years old, but we have seen success both younger and older than this. We recommend to start training around the age of 10, but all athletes develop differently, so it must be assessed on a case-by-case basis. At this age, the brain is in the right stage of development to enjoy rapid and significant benefits, while the foundational motor skills required to complete the training and the on-field technical skills required to notice the benefits are also well-formed. Younger athletes may struggle more while learning the controls, but with support and encouragement, the results will follow.

How can a parent or coach access progress reports and training history?2019-05-14T09:18:10+00:00

The Members Area enables athletes, parents, and coaches to track training progress and performance improvement over time. Individual athletes can log into the Members Area with the same username and password provided upon activation, while coach and parent access is provided by email after the athlete has begun training.

  • See the improvement of soccer intelligence skills over time including anticipation, divided attention, and working memory.
  • See how those improvements translate to on-field skills improvements such as off-ball movement, transitions, and one-touch actions.
  • Track performance over time and check your ranking on the online leaderboard. Team accounts will also see a team leaderboard comparing users within the same account so they can battle for the top spot!

If you have any difficulties accessing the Members Area, please contact us at

I bought a family/team plan. How do I activate additional users?2019-05-05T09:00:07+00:00

After purchasing a family or team plan, you should receive an email with an activation code. This activation code can be used to activate as many licenses as you have purchased. Simply activate the second (or third, fourth, etc.) athlete with the same activation code as the first. If you need to add more licenses to your plan (or, if you need to upgrade from an individual plan to a family/team plan), please contact us at

Do you have a money-back guarantee?2019-05-03T03:12:04+00:00

We understand that real on-field benefits take time, and we want to ensure that you have the opportunity to see benefits before making up your mind. That is why we offer a full 60-day money back guarantee on our annual packages, allowing you to see for yourself why IntelliGym is the only cognitive training tool proven to improve performance. Our seasonal plan comes with a 30-day money back guarantee, while our monthly plan can be cancelled anytime.

Do you offer any discounts?2019-05-03T03:13:57+00:00

From time to time we release promotional pricing. We also offer discounted pricing for multiple teams, training facilities, clubs, and other associations. If you are interested in talking about our current offers, please contact us at

Do you offer free trials?2019-05-03T03:11:23+00:00

We do not offer free trials due to the commitment required to see results. Athletes that commit get better results than those don’t, and we want to see all athletes be successful. We also understand that real on-field benefits take time, and we want to ensure that you have the opportunity to see benefits before making up your mind. Instead of a free trial, we offer a full 60-day money back guarantee on our annual packages, allowing you to see real benefits on-field before making up your mind.

How do I upgrade to a family or team plan?2019-05-05T09:00:21+00:00

A family or team plan allows multiple users within the same family or team to gain access to the IntelliGym training program for a reduced price. If you have purchased an individual licence and want to add more family or team members to your account, please contact us by email to

How do I upgrade to a seasonal or annual plan?2019-05-05T09:00:29+00:00

A seasonal or annual account is the most cost-effective way to access the IntelliGym training program. If you are currently on a monthly plan and want to upgrade, you can credit the payments already made towards the cost of a seasonal or annual licence. To upgrade your account to a seasonal or annual plan, contact us by email to

Is there a group rate?2019-05-03T03:26:39+00:00

We offer discounted pricing to customers on our family plan or team plans. However, if you wish to receive discounted licenses based on another group you have assembled, you can do so by simply purchasing a family or team plan and distributing the activation code as such. However, the billing will have to be run through a single credit card or PayPal account. Please contact us by email at if you wish to learn more.

Can the IntelliGym be installed and run on more than one computer?2019-04-13T01:58:20+00:00

Absolutely, the IntelliGym can be installed on any computer that meets the minimum technical requirements. Since the account details are stored on the IntelliGym server, the athlete can sign in to their individual training account and pick up where they left off, on any computer that has the program installed, using the same username and password created upon activation.

To download and install the IntelliGym, click here.

Can the IntelliGym run on mobile phones or video game systems?2019-05-03T03:17:45+00:00

The IntelliGym is compatible with most Windows or Mac laptop or desktop computers. At this time, the program is not available on mobile operating systems (Android, iOS) or other gaming systems. This is due to the ability of the keyboard and mouse to create a challenging experience for the athlete, which has not yet been mapped to a touchscreen experience. We are working on alternatives for this that will work with the same level of significance, but to us, results matter more than the convenience of mobile.

How do I install and activate the IntelliGym?2019-05-03T03:19:19+00:00

The download file and installation instructions can be found here. Once downloaded, you can find the installation file in your computer’s Downloads folder or your selected download destination. Locate and run this file and follow the instructions on the screen to install the IntelliGym with your desired settings. Once installed, you can launch the program from the Start menu or Finder.

An activation code is required to create a training account, which is provided by email after purchase. The program can be installed and run on multiple computers, as athletes can log in to their account from any computer that has the program installed.

If you have any issues with installation, please contact our Technical Support at 1-800-383-1379 or at

I forgot my password, what should I do?2020-06-21T08:54:00+00:00

Launch the IntelliGym program and click the “forgot?” button in the login screen, or open the Members Area in a web browser and click “Forgot your password?

What are the technical requirements?2019-05-05T09:07:59+00:00

The IntelliGym is compatible with most Windows or Mac laptop or desktop computers. If using a laptop, we do recommend a larger screen size along with the use of a mouse instead of a trackpad. The minimum system requirements are as follow:


  • Operating system: Microsoft® Windows 7, Windows 8.1 Classic or Windows 10
  • Processor: i3-2xxx 1.4GHz (2nd generation) or equivalent (minimum PassMark score: 1700)
  • Memory: 4GB of RAM
  • GPU: HD Graphics 3000


  • Operating system: Mac OS X Yosemite – version 10.10
  • Processor: Intel Core™ Duo 1.83GHz
  • Memory: 4GB of RAM

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